Photographing a Band

Photographing a band is an art form in itself. You’re not only trying to capture a moment or a feeling but you’re trying to capture the mood and essence of the band itself. The last thing you want to do is get the wrong look for the wrong band. For example you wouldn’t want to photograph a heavy metal band in soft focus, holding fluffy bunnies and surrounded by bubbles. Actually, good luck trying to convince them to pose for such a photo.

The trick is to get the feeling of the band coming through the images without it looking forced or cheesy. Get to know your subjects the best you can. Listen to their music as this will help you understand them better and give you a feel for the kind of shoot you will be doing. Even if they have a specific idea in mind, you can always make it better with small suggestions simply by understanding the band before the shoot. You don’t have to be a fan of the genre of music, but having some knowledge will help. If you’re photographing a gig or concert you want to be patient and ready to click the button at that perfect moment. Time is on your side in this setting so make use of it. Watch them for a little while and get an idea of how they move and act on stage. That way you can predict (sometimes) what they will do next and you’ll have the camera ready. Finally the most important advice is to just relax. Remember, they are artists too and the more freedom you give them, the better your art will be.